Saturday evening in the mid-nineties… You are already enjoying a drink with your gabbers, because in a minute you will jump into that old Opel cadet together with your mates and you are on your way to Thunderdome.
The day before you bought a whole new Australian tracksuit. A double-sided jacket with a round pendant and a silver trim.
The Australian pants are made of acetate and have the same piping as the training jacket. Your gabber outfit looks great! Let Thunderdome begin.

Australian is more than just clothing! It’s a feeling .. A lifestyle.
We therefore provide a great selection of Australian tracksuits, jackets and pants on the official 100% Hardcore webshop.
Make sure you are ready for the next gabber party and pick a cool Australian tracksuit. The jackets and sweatpants are unisex and can be worn by men and women.
Since 1956, the clothing has been traditionally made in Italy. The early gabber scene quickly picked up Australian because of the bright colors, the good quality and the nice sporty fit. The tracksuits are therefore affectionately referred to as the Aussie suit.
You can combine the bright jackets with black pants and we also have nice T-shirts for underneath. We recommend that you check the size chart carefully before ordering. Ladies can just take a men’s jacket, but a few sizes smaller.

If you buy your Australian at the official 100% Hardcore webshop, we will ensure that it is shipped the same working day (ordered before 3:00 pm). You always receive free goodies or merchandise with your order and you can use Klarna (Pay later) for free.
All Australian clothing is directly available from stock!
Even if there are no gabber parties, you can wear the sportswear collection. Ideal for the after party on the couch, or just a chill evening. The comfortable acetate pants are great and you don’t wear jeans often anymore.

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