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Speedcore Italia

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Speedcore Italia T-shirt Basic Logo Black

Speedcore Italia

Out of love for extremely fast hardcore (speedcore and Terror), Muisz van Gemert and Dj / Producer Nekrosytem (Valerio Di Massi) founded Speedcore Italia in 2016.
Together they started a booking agency and organized Speedcore parties. They called the speedcore parties Deadtown and as the name says, you shouldn’t come here if you don’t like extremely fast and loud music.
The love for music, organizing parties and producing music by Nekrosystem ensured that they came into contact with cool other DJs from the more extreme gabber scene such as Klereherriekrew, Komprex, Mr.Q8, Ralph Brown, Jensen, Devastation, Lysergide, RedOgre, Reaktor-th and DJ Rhose.
100% Hardcore and Muisz van Gemert have a long relationship and she has become our first model and permanent face of our brand. We therefore did not hesitate long to also offer the Speedcore Italia clothing line at our official webshop.
The designs of the Speedcore Italia T-shirts are all made by Muisz himself and you can see the love that has been put into it. They have their own studio where the clothing is designed and printed.
You can buy the latest Speedcore Italia clothing at the official 100% Hardcore webshop. With every Shirt you get an exclusive goodie bag with Speedcore Italia accessories and stickers.
Buy it at the official 100% Hardcore webshop and pay no shipping costs for orders above €50* and we will ensure that there is always something nice with your order. If you order on working days before 15:00, we will ship it the same day. We have the Speedcore Italia items directly available from stock!


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