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100% Hardcore Baby Soother Brandlogo

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100% Hardcore baby soother with our brandlogo.
This will make your baby happy and quiet!

Proudly designed in The Netherlands! 

Meets the European quality marks.
Colour: White

  • 100% Hardcore T-Shirt Wear It With Pride


    100% Hardcore T-shirt with our classic brandlogo.
    Our slogan is printed on the chest of this T-shirt: Wear it with pride.
    And that is how you have to wear this T-shirt! With a lot of pride. Because we are proud to be Hardcore.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands!

    Regular fit and 100% made of high quality cotton.
    Colour: Black

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  • 100% Hardcore Beanie Rage


    100% Hardcore beanie with full embroidery designs on both sides!
    You can wear this beanie on two ways.
    1 side is the head of a pitbull, the other has our brandlogo.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands!

    Colour: Black
    Wear it with pride!