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100% Hardcore & Mainstage Maffia Training Jacket

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Very limited 100% Hardcore training jacket we’ve made in association with our friends from Mainstage Maffia.
You will receive an hand numbered label and a free copy of the new Mainstage Maffia CD: “We’re 100% Hardcore”
We will do no reorders on this jacket! It is now or never..
68 pieces worldwide!!

Proudly designed in The Netherlands! 

Made out of 100% Polyester.
Color: Black and white
All designs are full embroidery for the highest quality.
Wear it with pride.

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About Mainstage Maffia:

These four gentlemen bring you a diverse journey through the Harder styles of House. With a combined DJ experience of over 100 years they know their stuff and always find a way to get the crowd moving by anticipating the flow of the evening.

When these gentlemen met for the first time somewhere in July 2011 none of them could suspect what was about to happen. It was not until 8 months later when they did a surprise set together during D-Energy in March 2012 that they understood the chemistry they had together.

Throughout the rest of 2012 they did several performances together. Then early in 2013 they were booked as a group together at Decade 1990-2000. It was then that they decided they needed a proper name. After some consideration it was decided they would call themselves Mainstage Maffia.

With 2013 being a busy year they also focused their attention on producing their own tracks under the Mainstage Maffia name. In June 2014 they released their first record on the legendary record label Point 44. Releases quickly followed eachother with a second and third ep on Point 44, They released on Bzrk records after its return. and have done several remixes for Brutal Force records also. as of 2016 they also focused on the faster newer hardcore called Uptempo and released several tracks on Uptempo is the tempo records.

When in late 2017 they teamed up with legendary DJ/MC Remsy their squad was complete. Four energetic artists that know how to get the floor going!

Mainstage Maffia is made up of Craven, Litho, Recore and DJ/MC Remsy. All four of these artist started performing in the
early 90’s and as such have a great passion for the early styles but this does not limit their skillset it enhances it. They always push the boundaries of the sets they play. With a no nonsense attitude and in your face style of mixing! Expect the unexpected from these gentlemen.

  • 100% Hardcore Training Jacket Classic


    High quality 100% Hardcore training jacket with stripe and two colours.
    Big full embroidery logo, with our classic dog at the back.
    The jacket has also an embroidered chestlogo.
    We have added 2 pockets with zippers, which are ideal at your next Hardcore festival!
    We have made this classic jacket is several colourways..
    Complete the look, with our training pants.
    Colour Black and White

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands.

    Made with 100% Polyester.
    Regular fit.

  • 100% Hardcore Training Pants Logo Black


    100% Hardcore high quality training pants with stripe and full embroidery logo’s.
    This pants has 2 pockets with zippers!
    Fits perfect with all our 100% Hardcore training jackets.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands

    Made out of fine 100% Polyster.
    Colour: Black
    Proved and tested on several Hardcore festivals worldwide.
    Worn by NSD with a lot of proud.

  • 100% Hardcore Training Pants Logo White


    100% Hardcore high quality training pants with stripe and full embroidery logo’s.
    This pants has 2 pockets with zippers!

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands

    Made out of fine 100% Polyster.
    Proved and tested on several Hardcore festivals worldwide.

  • 100% Hardcore Bomber Jacket United We Stand


    One of our classic designs! United we stand!
    Black 100% Hardcore winter bomber jacket with big stitched United We Stand artwork on the back.
    2 custom made patches on the front.
    Our restyled version of the United We Stand artwork is used as inner lining.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands!

    Pockets with zippers.
    All season bomber jacket.
    100% Polyester.
    Regular fit.