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100% Hardcore T-Shirt Illness Neon

SKU: 305-344-400


High quality 100% hardcore Tshirt with prints on the front and back.
At the chest we have printed a neon green brandlogo.
At the back there is a big grey skull, with neon green illness design.
We have aldo printed a patch on the arm: Till I Die. Because we are Hardcore till we die!

Proudly designed in The Netherlands!

100% Cotton
Regular fit
Colour: Black

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  • 100% Hardcore Hooded Zipper Illness

    69,99 40,00

    Black 100% Hardcore hooded zipper with big Skull print at the back.
    Extra thick taping on the arms.
    Exclusive 100% Hardcore patch on the chest.
    The hooded has two hidden pockets with zippers. The zippers and the puller have some nice branding details.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands! 

    Made out of a mixed fabric with 65% Cotton and 35% polyester.
    The fabric gives it a lot of extra comfort and some stretch.
    Regular fit.
    Colour: Black.
    Wear it with pride.

  • 100% Hardcore Polo Illness

    39,99 15,00

    High quality 100% Hardcore polo with full-colour print at the back.
    A embroidered patch at the chest and a big skull at the back.

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands! 

    Duo-colour collar and in the sleeves.
    Color: Black
    Patch on the chest.
    Perfect fit and comfort.
    Regular fit
    Wear it with pride.

  • 100% Hardcore T-Shirt Illness Sport


    100% Hardcore T-shirt Illness, with prints on front and back and taping on the arms.
    At the chest we printed a big white brandlogo.
    A big grey skull is printed on the back of this T-shirt.
    The exclusive taping on the arms gives it an extra luxe apperience

    Proudly designed in The Netherlands!

    Colour: Black
    Regular fit
    100% Cotton