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Brutale Flag by Hardcore Italia

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Large flag from Brutale by Hardcore Italia.
Perfect for hardcore parties, festivals or for on your wall.
100 x 150 centimeter.

Made in Italy! Official Brutale Merchandise!

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About Brutale:

It’s cruel, ferocious, merciless, savage, barbaric and grim. It’s music, and it’s Brutal.

Founded by The Sickest Squad, Meccano Twins and Unexist, Brutale is born to satisfy the appetite for destruction of all the true core hardheadz out there, pushing harder and heavier sounds to new heights.

With music made with the maximum sonic quality and with the support of Traxtorm Records, Brutale will be the inner core fortess for the actual and future producers of the extreme Hardcore sounds.

Brutale: No compromises.