Sjammienators – Bassline Junkie The Album CD



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  1. Indifference (original mix) 07:08
  2. Sjammienators & Daedra – Fragile (original mix) 05:42
  3. EDub & Sjammienators – Kick It Root Down (original mix) 04:03
  4. Sjammienators & Caveman – Change The World (original mix) 04:37
  5. Sjammienators & Mindspitter – Bassline Junkie (original mix) 03:51
  6. Sjammienators & Spitnoise – Ganja Gun (original mix) 05:13
  7. Mi Gente (original mix) 03:12
  8. Sjammienators & Unproven – Gods Gift (original mix) 04:38
  9. Sjammienators & Hatred – Project X Anthem 2017 (original mix) 04:25
  10. Sjammienators & Vato – Favourite Game (original mix) 04:16
  11. The Story (Cyborg remix) 03:46
  12. Reaper Of Souls (Juliex remix) 04:23
  13. Pull Up To Mi Bumpha (Sawtooth remix) 03:16
  14. Shish Kebab Your Ass (Kurwastyle Project remix) 04:13
  15. Hardcore Is Leven (Sloperij Janssen remix) 03:19

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2016 was a very good year for Sjammienators. They played at a lot of party’s and some of the biggest festivals. They made a lot of tracks and dropped some heavy Sjammienators & Friends Ep’s on Fucking Bastards Records, which hit the number 1 spot on Hardtunes almost every time.

In 2017 everything was even bigger, the party’s, more fans and better music. Gordon started his own label Uptempo is the tempo and organized events together with Noisekick Producties. Medio 2017 it was time for a change which led to Gordon and Lorentz splitting up. Gordon already was making all the music and Lorentz chose a different path to follow his own dreams and ambitions, but will always stay a Sjammienator. Gordon is producing his first album and is going stronger than ever, playing at the biggest events like Thunderdome, Decibel, Defqon.1, you name it.
We can still say: “Keep an eye out for Sjammienators, because you’re going to hear a lot more of him in the future!”

Nowadays Sjammienators is a solo-act.